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Les Habitants History of Québec French

The main language of Québec was not born yesterday! First the main language of a gigantic American empire, it was then conquered and humiliated. Somehow, it resisted and survived to become the modern language of an entire people. Come discover its origins, its history and its raison d'être. (English)

Québécois expressions

Come discover the characteristics, words, verbs, expressions and accents that make Québec French a language unique on this planet. (French)

Michel Rivard «Le coeur de ma vie» (The heart of my life) by Michel Rivard

«It's a language from France with accents of America, it thwarts silence with great musical strikes». No other song expresses so well the deep love Quebecers feel for their national language. Come sing and celebrate Québécois French with the excellent Michel Rivard. (French)

Traditions and customs of the ancient Canadiens

Who were our ancestors? How did they live? What made these proud and courageous French-speaking settlers of the Saint-Laurent valley so unique in the great family of human nations? Come discover some answers to these questions and, while you're at it, the distant origins of the Québec people. (French)

La Maudite The legend of la Chasse-Galerie

Without a doubt one of the greatest tales of Québec folklore, the legend of la Chasse-Galerie has conquered the imagination of many generations of young Québécois. Allow yourself to be also conquered, come aboard the flying canoe of la Chasse-Galerie. (French)

Our national poet: Émile Nelligan

Come discover the tragic life and the moving masterpieces of the most reknown and celebrated of Québec poets. (French)

GILLES VIGNEAULT «Gens du pays» (People of the land) by Gilles Vigneault

What a wonder, this song that we sing at the anniversaries of friends and family and also at great patriotic demonstrations. It is therefore not surprising that many consider this song to be the unofficial national anthem of Québec. (French)

A superfrog: Robert Charlebois

Québéc rock began with Robert Charlebois. He dared to mix Québécois French to an electric guitar. He sings Québec, he shouts Québec, he rocks Québec, in its very own language. Charlebois truly deserves his title of «Superfrog». (French)

Yvon Deschamps The history of Canada as seen by Yvon Deschamps

The amazing humor of Yvon Deschamps knows no taboos. Life, death, racism, sex, social inequities, nothing is off limits to him. It is not surprising then that our past also had to feel Deschamps' bite. (French)

Bowser and Blue

They're Montrealers, English-speakers and hilarious. Come discover the great humor of Bowser & Blue, the best known Québec comedians in English Canada. (French and English)

Plume Latraverse

You either love him or hate him, but Plume Latraverse leaves no one indifferent. Under his bad boy exterior hides a great poet of unsuspected talent. Come discover the poetry of the artist who is, since always it seems, my favourite Québec singer-composer. (French)

Patriotic songs of Québec

All the people of the world found in music a means to express loud and proud their national pride, their identity, their history and their patriotism. Quebecers are no exception to that phenomenon. Québec patriotic songs are as numerous and varied as those who have written and sung them throughout the years. (French)
Félix Leclerc

Capitaine Québec Québécois comics

Francophone "bande dessinée" is not only Tintin and Astérix. Québec has also published a vast number of comics over the years and they often remain virtually unknown. Come in and discover some of the pearls of Québec comics. (French)

Québec historical films

Here are a few cinematographic suggestions for those who wish to bring Québec history back to life on their TV screens. (French)

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