Bienvenue au Québec / Koey Koey Québec / Tshima minutakushiniek ute Québec / Kwé Kwé, Mino Picak / Wahtkwanon wera tons ne Québec / Tungasugisi Québec / Willkommen in Québec / Bienvenido a Québec / Benvenuto in Québec / Velkommen til Québec / Ahlan Oa Sahlan ala Québec / Broochim Habaim Le Québec / Haere Mai Québec / Welkom te Québec / Fè yon ti vire lan Québec / Dobrodosli u Québec / Bem vindo a Québec / Degemer mat e Québec / Croeso y Québec / Kaloshrthate sto Qempek / Mitakuyepi Quebech / Xpano, xmosewiki / Välkommen till Québec / Ongietorri Québec-Era / Welkom in Québec / Witamy w Québecu / Bula vinaka Québec / Dobro Pozhalovat v Kvebek / Maligayang Pagdating sa Québec / Shamuska Kapai Niuka Llantaman / Fáilte go Québec / Siate i benvinuti à u Québec / Karibuini Québec / Svakôm khèt Québec / Bine ati venit în Québec / Foun Yen Loy Fouy Ba Ha / Tervetuloa Quebeciin / Québec guine di tone hat / Chào múng dên Québec / Djamourek tchi Québec / Hos Geldiniz Québec / Biv'nue au Québec / Isten hozott Quebec-be / Laskavo procymo do Kvebeku / A kwabaa yea Québec
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Hi there! Bonjour! Bienvenue au Québec!

You have just stumbled on my personnal web pages dedicated to these three passions of mine :

Québec history Samuel de Champlain

Charlebois Québec culture

comics and BD Le Scorpion

While this site is mainly and originally a French site, I have happily agreed to translate some pages in English, as many people have expressed their desire to see it done. All other links lead to pages in French, and if you would like to see more of these pages translated, or if you have any questions or comments at all, please feel free to write as I always answer all letters (eventually) ;-). You can send me mail by clicking HERE, my address is "cousture@hotmail.com". It is always a pleasure to hear from readers from all over the world!

For those of you who are seeking more precise information concerning Québec sovereignty, visit Independence of Québec: Resource for the english-speaking world. The author, Mathieu Gauthier-Pilote, has done a tremendous job hunting down and listing all sites pertaining to the subject.

Commonwealth flag Also, on my LINKS page, you will find many sites that are either in English or offer an English version. These sites are identified by the Commonwealth flag on the left. Go have a look when you're done here!

On that note, I hope you enjoy your visit and have a very nice day. Au revoir!

(pages completely or partially in English or MAPS)

1- Main history page (introduction and bibliography)
2- Definitions of the words Québec, Acadie and Canada

3- Chronology of New France (1524-1763)
3.1- The life of Samuel de Champlain
3.2- My ancestor, Guillaume Cousture, hero of New France
3.3- 1759: The conquest of Québec
3.4- Maps of New France

4- Chronology of British Lower Canada (1763-1867)
4.1- Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day
4.2- Charles Dickens visits Montréal and Québec
4.3- The Confederates in Montréal
4.4- Maps of Lower Canada

5- Chronology of the province of Québec (1867-1960)
5.5- Canadian identity according to Wilfrid Laurier, 1886
5.6- Letter from Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1942

6- Chronology of modern Québec (1960-today)
6.1- Pierre Bourgault (an article by Norman Madarasz)
6.2- Referendum questions
6.3- Maps of Québec

7- Québécois culture (intro page)
7.1- History and particularities of Québécois French
7.2- The hilarious duo Bowser & Blue

-- ALL the pages of this site (French)

from the website of Mathieu Gauthier-Pilote

1- Translations of Lyrics and Poems
2- Métis Bill of Rights
3- Speech of Louis-Joseph Papineau at the Institut Canadien
4- FLQ Manifesto

This web site has been cited as a reference in Normand Lester's excellent historical investigation entitled "The Black Book of English Canada", published in English by McClelland & Stewart Ltd. in 2002, ISBN: 0-7710-2259-X. Original French version published by Éditions Les Intouchables in 2001, ISBN: 2-89549-045-7. "An impassioned reply to the sanitized version of Canadian history promoted by the federal government and English-Canadian media, and a lucid defence of Québec against the biased attacks launched by Anglophone writers such as Mordecai Richler and Diane Francis." livre noir

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