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Throughout the years, Tony Stark has acquired the reputation of a playboy and a real casanova. But although his lady friends have indeed been numerous and his relationships relatively short, he does not really deserve his rep. When you look closely, you realize that Stark is actually a really unlucky guy in the affairs of the heart. Here are some of the greatest loves of Tony Stark's life. Yes, it's true, there is a certain «soap opera» aspect to comics! ;-)

Meredith Meredith McCall

Meredith became Stark's first love when they were still teenagers. Since both their fathers were business rivals, they separated the young couple by sending them to two seperate colleges. Years later, Iron Man saved Meredith's life after she had been kidnapped by the Controller. When he learned that she was now married, Stark decided that it was better to not renew their relationship. (Iron Man #28).

Sunset Bain

Tony Stark met Sunset Baine while he was still a student. A simple flirt quickly turned to passionate love. Following Sunset's suggestion, Tony accepted to keep the relationship secret from his parents, supposedly because Sunset was slightly older than him. She was only five years older, but Stark was still very naive in those days and Baine did not hesitate to use this to her advantage. She managed to convince him to reveal to her the security codes to his father's company. He accepted in order to impress her. Soon afterwards, masked men attacked Stark Industries and stole half a dozen prototypes. Sunset then dumped Tony very suddenly and less than a year later, thanks to new prototypes that were strangely familiar to the ones that had been stolen, she founded her own company; Baintronics. (Iron Man annual #11)
Dessin: Sean Chen

Jo Joanna Nivena

Joanna was Stark's fiancée when he had his accident in Vietnam. When he got back to the States, Stark had to wear his metal chestplate at all times in order to stay alive. Convinced that he could not be a good husband for Joanna in this state, he ended the relationship without offering any kind of explanation. Many years later, they met again and Stark finally explained the reasons for his decision. Joanna was very understanding but wanted them to remain good friends, nothing more (Ah! Women!) She is now married and has several children. (Iron Man #244)

Virginia «Pepper» Potts

When Pepper became Tony's personal secretary, the two of them fell secretly in love with each other. But Stark remained distant and cold. He was convinced that the cold metal chestplate he was forced to wear day and night, hidden under his clothes, made all romance impossible. Pepper ended up marrying Stark's chauffeur, Happy Hogan. After many years, the marriage ended in divorce. Pepper was again hired by Stark and love seemed to once more resurface for a time. But after a passionate kiss, Pepper and Tony concluded that their mutual attraction was a thing of the past and that a solid friendship would suit them better. For years, Pepper was one of the very few people who knew Tony was Iron Man. (Tales of Suspense #45)

Nat Natasha Romanova (the Black Widow)

Stark and Natasha dated for a short time after she arrived in America, but the relation ended abruptly when Tony learned that the beautiful Russian was in fact a Soviet spy. Later, she defected to the West, joined the Avengers and became one of Stark's most trustworthy allies. (Tales of Suspense #52).

Janice Cord

Janice was the daughter of Drexel Cord, one of Stark's business rivals. The father demanded that his daughter ended the relationship with his young competitor. When her father died, she became Tony's girlfriend. But the relationship ended tragically. She was seriously injured during a battle that opposed Iron Man to his two worst enemies of the time (Titanium-Man and Crimson Dynamo III). She died in Iron Man's arms, unaware that he was the man she loved. (Iron Man #12)

Marianne Rodgers

Marianne is one of the strangest women that Stark ever met. Gifted with powerful psychic abilities that she is completely unable to control, she said she could see the future and believed that she would one day be the cause of Iron Man's death. Her powers eventually drove her mad ans she ended up in an asylum. (Iron Man #36)

Whitney Frost (Madame Masque)

Tony fell in love with Whitney Frost despite the horrible scars that had disfigured her a few years before. Because of her connections to the Maggia crime cartel, and because Stark wished to preserve his reputation, the general public believed Masque to be Iron Man's lover, not Stark's. The relationship came to an end when Iron Man accidentally caused the death of Frost's father, the terrible count Nefaria. Whitney returned to her life of crime and became one of Stark's worst enemies. Visit the section about Iron Man's foes to learn more about Madame Masque and her father. (Tales of Suspense #98).

Beth Bethany Cabe

The courageous and beautiful Cabe was hired by Stark to be his bodyguard. That just happened to be Iron Man's official function (at least for those who were unaware that the two were one and the same). As Cabe was falling in love with Tony Stark, she found herself in conflict with Iron Man. She accused him of never being there when Stark really needed him. But after a while, she realized that the two men were never at the same place together and she figured out Stark's secret. Bethany was instrumental in helping Tony in his fight against alcoholism. She became his confidant, lover and best friend and it seemed for a time that he had finally met his perfect match. The relationship sadly came to an end when Bethany learned that her husband, Alex Von Tilburg, a man she believed to be dead, was in fact still alive in Germany. (Iron Man #117)

Janet Van Dyne (The Wasp)

Best known as the «winsome Wasp», Janet is also a founding member of the Avengers. For years she battled crime side by side with Iron Man, never knowing his secret identity. After her divorce from Henry Pym (one of Stark's good friends and another member of the group), she became involved with Tony Stark. Captain America reprimanded Stark and insisted that he revealed his secret to Janet. When Iron Man removed his mask, she was very upset. She refused to pursue a relationship with one of her ex-husband's best friends. The two heroes nonetheless remained good friends. (Avengers #224)

Indries Indries Moomji

Stark became involved with Indries at a very vulnerable moment in his life. What he did not know is that she had been hired by his worst enemy, Obadiah Stane, who used Moomji in his plot to destroy Tony and take control of Stark International. Following orders, she manipulated him into falling in love with her, and then rejected him coldly. Heartbroken, Stark sought relief in alcohol. (Iron Man #163).

Heather Glenn

The worst person Tony could have met after his painful relationship with Moomji is probably Heather Glenn. herself an alcoholic (and one of Daredevil's old flames), the two dragged each other even deeper in alcohol abuse. Stark soon found himself completely homeless, depossessed and unable to access his fortune. Heather met her end most dramatically; she committed suicide. (Iron Man # 171).

Brie Daniels

Brie dated Stark for a while, but she turned out to be an awful opportunist. She used Stark to meet important Hollywood people. When success came, she abandoned Stark completely. (Iron Man #222)

Rae Lacoste

Rae is the owner of a beauty salon on the very reknown Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. She became an occasional lady friend of Stark's, and had no objection to Tony seeing other women. The relationship became purely friendship when Rae started dating Jim Rhodes. (Iron Man #223)

la folle
Dessin: Jackson Guice
Kathy Dare

When Stark met Kathy, he was not interested in any exclusive love relationship, and he let her know that. She said she was OK with it at first, but then grew ever more jealous and possessive. Stark had enough and decided to end the relationship. Dare, mad with rage, shot Stark. The bullet tore through his spine and crippled him for a time. Guilt finally overcame Dare who ended up killing herself. (Iron Man #233)

Doctor Su Yin

One of the most brilliant neurologists in the world, Yin tried to help Stark overcome his spine injury. The two fell in love but Su Yin quickly put a stop to the affair, revealing that she was married and desired to remain faithful to her husband. The two remained good friends. (Iron Man #270)

Veronica Veronica Benning

Veronica was hired by Stark as his personal physiotherapist. She helped him to regain his coordination and relearn to walk after his spine operation. After many monthes of daily contacts, the professional relationship became one of affection and love. A while later, in a rather strange turn of events, a computer virus named Vor/tex took control of Stark's body. Unable to overcome his new urges, Vor/Tex consumed a large quantity of alcohol and behaved in a very rude manner with Veronica. Not knowing that Tony was not himself, she left, never to be seen again. (Iron Man #292)

Rumiko Fujikawa

After Tony's apparent death in issue 325, Stark Enterprises was bough by the Japanese firm Fujikawa, to become the Stark-Fujikawa conglomerate. The daughter of the new owner was the beautiful Rumiko. In order to rebel against her father's authority, she began to date Stark, despite her father's misgivings. But the relationship quickly became a rocky one when the adventurous and frivolous woman thought that Tony worked too much and didn't have enough fun. The relationship ended when Stark surprised her in bed with his old childhood friend, Tiberius Stone. To make amends, Rumiko later arranged for her father to sell back 49% of Stark-Fujikawa back to Tony, and then gave her own 2% of shares to him, thus giving him back control over his old company. (Iron Man vol.3 #4)
Dessin: Sean Chen

Dessin: Jamal Igle
Calista Hancock

After his name was dragged in mud by Tiberius Stone, Tony decided to give his fortune to the Maria Stark Foundation and began a new life under the pseudonym Hogan Potts. He was hired by a company called Askew Electronics. The president of the company, the beautiful Calista, was very stern and demanding with her new employee at first. But when the building was bombed and the company declared bankrupcy, she admitted she felt a strong attraction to her ex-employee and quickly found herself in his bed. When she found out he was using a false identity, Calista got very mad and was never seen again. (Iron Man vol.3 #42)

Anna Wei

Tony Stark was stuck like a rat in enemy territory. Without his armor or his papers, he risked spending the rest of his life in one of the work camps of the Sarawak Republic. That's what would have happened too, if the beautiful Anna Wei had not intervened. To thank him for saving her son from a street gang, she offered a refuge to Stark in her won home. The two slowly learned to trust each other. She helped him recuperate his amror and he rid her of a threatening gangster. Their romance was short lived, but Anna and Tony parted good friends. He offered her a job in one of his San Francisco companies. (Iron Man annual 2001)

Dessin: Ryan\Parsons

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